Juggling Challenge

Coaches set challenges. Can you complete them?

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Inter CT
Inter CT

Our Vision

Inter CT’s vision is to use the sport of soccer as a vehicle to help young athletes become excellent individuals. Using our core values, we hope to inspire a passion for the game and a drive to succeed, both in soccer and beyond.

Our Mission

Using our developmentally appropriate, fun, and competitive environment, we make it our mission to create well rounded, excellent individuals, as well as quality soccer players. We aim to implement a specific style of play that represents our identity as a club. We encourage our coaches at every level to use their knowledge and experience to instruct, educate, and inspire our players.

We are passionate about age-appropriate development and have broken it down into three categories.

A- Love of the game: Creating a passion for soccer

B- Love of development: Inspiring our athletes to improve every day

C- Love of the challenge: Creating an environment where difficult challenges are something to overcome, not run away from.

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